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Welcome to StashMateGo

StashMateGo is a scale modeller's personal database which has been developed for the Android mobile platform. The program is a portable, read only version of it's parent program StashMate, and will quickly and easily allow you to take your important stash details wherever you go. At a show? Or, in a shop? StashMateGo allows you to double check whether or not the kit you are thinking of buying, is already in your stash. With the additional built in features, you can show pictures of your models or pass useful information to your modelling friends, even when you're away from your PC. Please see below for all the current features of StashMateGo.
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Requires Android Gingerbread 2.3 or above.

Stash Summary - at glance summary information.

Simple List - a listing of all your stash items.

Linked List - a listing of items linked into a package.

Specific List - a listing of items that match certain criteria.

Item Details - concise item information.

Item Images - a gallery of item images.

Web Links - clickable item web links.

Search Function - a keyword search to quickly find an item.